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Anna-Lucia Rupp & Soenke Meinen

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From grooving virtuosity to sensitive ballads, the singer Anna-Lucia Rupp and acoustic guitarist Sönke Meinen touch the hearts of their audience with an astoundingly varied repertoire – purely and simply with just one voice and one guitar.
In her very distinctive vocal interpretations, Anna-Lucia Rupp combines the mellow sound of jazz with imaginative melodies and self-penned emotive lyrics. Sönke Meinen merges groovy fingerpicking with elements from classical music, jazz and folk to create a uniquely compelling and dynamic guitar style. He is prize-winner of numerous international competitions, recent examples being „Guitar Masters 2016“ and the „European Guitar Award“. ARVE Error: src mismatch
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In addition to his concerts with Anna-Lucia , Sönke tours solo, with jazz guitarist Philipp Wiechert or with violin virtuoso Bjarke Falgren. Anna-Lucia also shares the stage regularly with her bands „Mozaik“ and „Nouk“ as well as in duo concerts with guitarist Lukas Häfner or pianist Adrian Zendeh.

Energetic, personal and graceful – a duo which takes you on a journey through captivating and enthralling soundscapes – goosebumps guaranteed!