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New album “Spark” available now!

I am thrilled to announce that my new album “Spark” is out now and I can finally share it with you.

You can stream or download the album HERE – or just look for it on your favourite platform, you will find it on almost every common streaming service.

Also you find the physical CD in the shop on this website – in spring I will also have a transcription book and LPs available.

new single “Fake Forgery” out now!

The third and final single of my upcoming album “Spark” is finally released! Now we only have to wait three more weeks until I can share the full 14-track-album with you all.

You can stream and download “Fake Forgery” here.

In the shop on this website you can find the score/TABs of this piece.

And also this wonderful music video was produced by my dear friend Pavel Lychagin. So grateful for his fantastic work – hope you enjoy!

new single “Safe Haven” out now!

Just in time for the festive season, the second single from the soon to be released album is here. And it´s probably the most christmassy track: “Safe Haven”.

You can stream and download the track here.

You can find the sheet music and tablature of Safe Haven in the store of this website.

The accompanying video was produced by my dear friend Pavel Lychagin – we filmed it at the end of August in the vineyards near Wackerbarth Castle in Radebeul. Enjoy!

new single “Sparklemuffin” out now!

I am so happy to finally announce the release of the first single of my new album “Spark”. You can stream Sparklemuffin here.

In the shop you can already find the score/TABs of this piece.

And here is the music video which was produced by my dear friend Pavel Lychagin.

new solo album “Spark” will be released on January 28th

I am beyond excited to announce the release of my new solo album “Spark” on January 28th, 2022! I have been working on this for over four years and can’t wait to share the new music with you. Here is a little announcement video for you, which was produced by Pavel Lychagin!
Prior to the full-length album I am going to upload a few singles on all streaming platforms. The first one will be released on Friday, November 26th – stay tuned!

“Sönke Meinen’s ACOUSTIC GUITAR LAB” on TrueFire

After a long time of silence I’m back with big news – and I’m immensely happy to finally announce it: As of now, I have my own digital classroom on the leading teaching platform Truefire.

In my ACOUSTIC GUITAR LAB you will find instructional videos on a wide variety of music and guitar-related topics. From detailed explanations of my own compositions, my approach to arranging and composing, music theory, playing techniques to exclusive insights behind-the-scenes – the videos cover a lot of material for beginners as well as advanced players and professionals.

71 videos are already online and I from now on I am going to upload new content for every level every month. You also find summaries, sheet music, tabs and practice plans as PDFs directly below the videos. For all future content, you can let me know in the channel forum what YOU want to learn, so I can cover the topics that you care about. You can also have an additional monthly private lesson with me via the inbuilt Truefire video messenger. The instructional videos are in English, the private lesson can of course be held in English or German. 

You find more details in the following video – and then: Grab your guitar, and I see you in the ACOUSTIC GUITAR LAB!

concert cancellations 2020/2021

Because of the Covid-19 crisis most concerts from March 2020 to May 2021 had to be cancelled or postponed. I keep you updated about the concert dates in the “concerts” section on this website!

Stay safe and healthy – hope to see you on the road again soon!


New album “Postcard to Self” available now!

Bjarke Falgren and me are thrilled to announce that our debut album “Postcard to Self” is available NOW! You can grab physical CDs in my webshop on this site – and you find all possibilities to download or stream the album here:

A big THANK YOU to all who helped us recording and producing our album – and especially to our crowdfunding supporters! It is an amazing feeling to finally hold 3 years of work in our hands… 🙂

New Single “The Breeze and the Curtain” out now!!

The studio version of “The Breeze and the Curtain” with Bjarke Falgren is now availably on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Apple Music, Napster, etc.! Click here to stream or download it! Hope you enjoy!
The complete album “Postcard to Self” will be released on September 30th.


NEW VIDEO: “The Breeze and the Curtain”

This is „The Breeze and the Curtain“, a tune from Bjarke Falgren´s and my upcoming duo debut album „Postcard to Self“. Just when we finished the album recordings, we decided to move our equipment to the garden of an old schoolhouse in the Danish countryside where we wrote all our pieces. Then we recorded this piece again with the birds singing along.

Our crowdfunding campaign is still active for 10 days – to be able to hear our studio version of this and 13 other pieces very soon, you can preorder our new album as a CD or LP there until August 12th, get it earlier than everyone else, and help us crucially with financing the production! 🙂 Feel free to check it out:

If you like this video, sharing it with your friends and spreading the word is much appreciated!! Thank you so much for your support!

video production by Emile Carlsen/Møn Sessions