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duo album release with Bjarke Falgren in late summer

Ready for some breaking news? I am very excited that after two years of composing, arranging and rehearsing lots of new music, Bjarke Falgren and I started recording our duo debut album! Some pieces are already in the can and soon we will meet for one more recording session. We cannot wait to share lots of new music with you this summer! Of course we will keep you posted about the recordings, be sure check our Facebook and Youtube pages!

To celebrate the finished recording and give you all a preview to the upcoming album, we will play two concerts on Good Friday (March 30th) at Kapelle Felde, Wittenheimstraße 20, 26655 Westerstede. Showtime will be at 3:30pm and at 8:00pm. Tickets are available via Holger Harms-Bartholdy: or +49 4488 9382.

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