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NEW VIDEO: “The Breeze and the Curtain”

This is „The Breeze and the Curtain“, a tune from Bjarke Falgren´s and my upcoming duo debut album „Postcard to Self“. Just when we finished the album recordings, we decided to move our equipment to the garden of an old schoolhouse in the Danish countryside where we wrote all our pieces. Then we recorded this piece again with the birds singing along.

Our crowdfunding campaign is still active for 10 days – to be able to hear our studio version of this and 13 other pieces very soon, you can preorder our new album as a CD or LP there until August 12th, get it earlier than everyone else, and help us crucially with financing the production! 🙂 Feel free to check it out:

If you like this video, sharing it with your friends and spreading the word is much appreciated!! Thank you so much for your support!

video production by Emile Carlsen/Møn Sessions

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