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Featured Artist

I am “featured artist” at – with my “Perpetuum Mobile” video and an interview (in German AND English). To those of you, who always wanted to know, how you come up with the idea to become a professional guitarist, why I just had to move to Dresden or what I´m doing, when I´m not playing the guitar, I recommend to click on the link!

Best wishes to everyone!

brand-new homepage!

Hey everyone!
Tadaaaaaaaaa – I proudly present: my new homepage! Thank you for stopping by!
Thanks to the great Joshua Krueger the page has not only a new design but also a lot of new features like a new concert calendar, a “Promo” section for concert organizers, a new store, a page for my duet with Philipp Wiechert (“PhiliSöphen”), information on the International Freepsum Guitar Festival and much more. And the best thing is that everything is now in German and English – the homepage itself as well as all downloads in the promo section!
If you would like to have a beautiful homepage, you should get in touch with Joshua, I can highly recommend him:
Furthermore, a big thanks to Manfred Pollert, who took (almost) all the photos on this page. He also designed the writing of my name, my posters as well as the looks of my Facebook page and my Youtube channel.
For me the next stages are now a new instrument (I will have it very soon, yay!) and new videos – but until then I wish you lots of fun poking around on this page! If you want to contact me, just go to the contact page. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

All the best,

news about the summer tour

Hey folks,
unfortunately Gareth Pearson cancelled our Germany tour in August and also his concert at the International Guitar Festival in Freepsum. The concert in Kassel is now cancelled, the other concerts take place! I will not play them solo, in Krefeld and Wuelfrath I will share the stage with the amazing Simon Riedlecker from Austria. Simon completes also the Lineup of the festival in Freepsum – we are really looking forward to his appearance. Here is a short video of his song “Timmy´s Dance”.
I will announce some news about the shows at Musikhaus Spula in Delmenhorst and the concert in Krumke in the next days.

Please apologize this little “Lineup chaos”, unfortunately there was nothing to change at Gareth´s cancellation!

See you soon!

Best wishes,


Germany Scholarship

Hey folks!

Here is just a short update, but with some big news: I just got the message that I am awarded with the “Germany Scholarship”. I am so happy – and not only about this, because Christina Kobler just started building my new guitar! YEEHAW!!

Solo, Duo, Freepsum – no end in sight

Hi folks,

I hope everyone is doing well! I know, I´m a bit late, but I wish you a wonderful and successful 2014!

Its time to finally give you an update about my musical activities – and currently these are many:
Im preparing for the first solo concerts after nearly 2 years in August, can´t wait for the tour! And also in the duo with Phil Wiechert we are composing and arranging. We play a few concerts around Gütersloh in early february. Click “Dates” for more info about my concerts! From now on I am supported by Enge Manangement; be sure to check out their page.

The preparations for the 4th International Freepsum Guitar Festival are in full swing. The lineup will be announced in the next days. All I can say for now is that there will be some familiar faces from last year and also some new great guitarists some of you might already know.
A brand new homepage design and new photos, posters etc. are in the pipeline as well. So have a look at this page before you won´t recognize it in a few weeks!

Maybe you have already seen them: I have uploaded a few new compositions to my youtube channel in the last months. Check them out – I´m curious about your comments!

The last news for today: This year a wonderful luthier will build a new guitar for me. I´m so excited! More about that soon; I can´t wait to play it! You see, I don´t really believe in having a break – that´s why I have to practice now.

All the best for you!