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Sönke Meinen – Spark (LP 2022)



„Spark“ is a musical self portrait, in which Sönke Meinen takes over the role of the composer and musician as well as the producer. Each of the 14 exclusively original compositions is based on encounters, personal stories and anecdotes. Thus, the album consists of strongly contrasting facets: Groovy-jazzy sounds as in “Alpacalypse” contrast with Nordic folk music in “Song for the Dreamers”, classical elements as in “Heartland” are heard alongside rhythmic-percussive styles as in “Brainchild”.
Three internationally renowned guest musicians added their dexterity on this new album: Reentko Dirks (baritone guitar), Bjarke Falgren (violin, viola, cello) and Antoine Boyer (gypsy swing guitar) accompany Sönke Meinen on five tracks.

1. Prologue
2. Sparklemuffin
3. Safe Haven
4. Alpacalypse (feat. Antoine Boyer)
5. Mirror of Water (feat. Reentko Dirks)
6. Harlequin’s Waltz
7. Song for the Dreamers (feat. Reentko Dirks & Bjarke Falgren)

1. Brainchild
2. La Ciudad Soñada
3. Silver Lining (feat. Reentko Dirks)
4. Heartland (feat. Bjarke Falgren)
5. Fake Forgery
6. Komorebi


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