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violin & guitar duo | virtuosic, creative, poetic.

Virtuosic playfulness and seemingly infinite creativity – from the first note on, violinist Bjarke Falgren and guitarist Sönke Meinen leave all traditions behind and enthuse their audiences all over the world. In their concerts they break the stylistic boundaries between folk, jazz, world music and classical music. Their compositions are expressive and vibrant, and especially the quiet notes draw the listener into their musical world. Nevertheless, the two musicians never take themselves too seriously, leave room for spontaneous interaction and accompany their pieces with humorous and touching stories. 

Denmark-based Bjarke Falgren is regularly touring all around the world. In addition to his duo with Sönke Meinen, he performs solo, with bandoneon player Paolo Russo or his band Hot N Spicy. He writes and produces music for film and theater productions and is a much requested studio musician. Legendary jazz violinist Svend Asmussen entitled Bjarke Falgren as his musical heir and said about him: “Bjarke Falgren is the hardest swingin’ fiddler I have seen since Stuff Smith”.

In addition to performing with Bjarke Falgren, Sönke Meinen also plays as a soloist and with guitarist Philipp Wiechert. He was a prize winner of various international competitions, in 2016 he won two of the most prestigious prizes worldwide: the “Guitar Masters” competition (first prize) and the “European Guitar Award“ (sponsoring prize). Guitar legend Tommy Emmanuel called him “one of the most creative guitarists of the current guitar scene”.

When the two musicians share the stage and coax an unusually wide range of timbres from their instruments, from warm and mellow to powerful and percussive, an extraordinary concert experience is guaranteed. For their highly acclaimed duo debut album "Postcard to Self", they were nominated for the Danish Music Awards in 2019: In the categories "Album of the Year (World)" and "Composer of the Year". Their almost exclusively original compositions are sometimes very delicate, sometimes highly energetic, but always captivating, full of childlike playfulness and emotion. High-class, entertaining, heart-warming!

The new duo album "Postcard to Self"

With their duo debut album “Postcard to Self“ Bjarke Falgren and Sönke Meinen re-shaped the sound of a violin and guitar duo to an original musical approach full of surprising timbres, emotional depth, intimacy and overwhelming playfulness. Their music is expressive and stirring, with an underlying calmness that anchors the listener; and every composition captures the magic of storytelling without words.

Falgren and Meinen composed and arranged the music for „Postcard to Self” in an old schoolhouse in a small and sleepy village in the Danish countryside. Inspired by the beauty of the old house and the Scandinavian landscape their compositions mix folk influences with classical music, fingerstyle guitar, jazz and a pinch of film music. They recorded the album themselves at the same magical place where their music was written, retaining the stories and inspiration of the pieces in a very personal way.

“Postcard to Self“ gets the listener travel to different times, it is a playful soundtrack to childlike wonder as well as looking back to old memories. It delivers the same intrigue and anticipation as opening a letter or flicking through old photographs. It is a musical invitation to pause and reflect on what we would choose to tell our future self, if we write ourselves a postcard today.

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"Amazing music, full of creativity, flowing with beauty, emotion and calmness. You compliment each other and raise each others’ level of excellence to a height rarely seen now. I salute you both!"


"Deep musicality and enviable virtuosity to create music of stunning beauty. Guitarist Sönke Meinen ́s partnership with violinist Bjarke Falgren is a pure delight."


"Bjarke Falgren and Sönke Meinen play with a lightness and delicacy that one rarely hears. This album is filled with refinement and nuance. Postcard to Self is a beautiful recording."


"A combination of beautiful melodies and a great use of the violin and guitar that brings out all kind of different sounds. A pleasure to the ear!"


"One of the most beautiful and exciting instrumental albums of the year!"


Bjarke Falgren was born in 1979 and grew up in Næstved/Denmark. He studied at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen and held teaching positions at different Danish music conservertoires.
In addition to duo concerts with Sönke Meinen, Bjarke Falgren tours solo, with his own „Bjarke Falgren Quartet“, his band „Hot n Spicy“ and his duo with Bandoneon virtuoso Paolo Russo. He collaborated with renowned musicians like Mike Sheridan, Mike Marshall, Jens Lysdal and many others.

Bjarke Falgren also gained a high reputation as a film composer of several documentaries and TV series such as „Præst søger Paradis“ and „Cool Cats“. For his work as a violinist and composer, he was awarded with four Danish Music Awards in 2010 and the Ellen & Svend Asmussen prize as well as the Trelleborg Foundations Culture prize in 2017. Bjarke Falgren lives in Næstved.

Sönke Meinen, born in 1991 and raised in Ihlow/Northern Germany, studied under Prof. Thomas Fellow, Prof. Stephan Bormann and Reentko Dirks at the Dresden University of Music, where he held a teaching position himself from 2019 to 2022.

Sönke Meinen played concerts all around the world (Australia, China, Japan and almost every European country) and won numerous competitions - in 2016 he collected awards at two of the largest international guitar competitions: the well-respected "Guitar Masters" (first prize) and the "European Guitar

Award“ (sponsoring prize). In addition to performing with Bjarke Falgren, Sönke Meinen also plays as a soloist and with guitarist Philipp Wiechert. Sönke Meinen lives in Hamburg.

In addition to their musical work, Sönke Meinen and Bjarke Falgren are sought-after lecturers and workshop leaders as well as initiators and artistic directors of their own music festivals. While Sönke Meinen organises the annual „Freepsum International Guitar Festival“ together with guitarist Philipp Wiechert, Bjarke Falgren hosts the „Falgren and Friends Festival Night“ every year in his hometown Næstved.



  • 2019: two nominations for the Danish Music Awards (categories „Album of the Year (World)“ and „Composer of the Year“)

Bjarke Falgren:

  • 2010: four Danish Music Awards for his album „Duet“ with Nikolaj Busk

  • 2017: Ellen & Svend Asmussen prize

  • 2017: Trelleborg Foundations Culture prize

Sönke Meinen:

  • 2015: eco Musikförderpreis 2015

  • 2016: European Guitar Award (sponsoring prize)

  • 2016: Artesano Guitarist of the Year

  • 2016: Guitar Masters 2016 (1st prize)

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