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Sönke Meinen`s music translates captivating stories into intimate and handmade music, which releases strong imagery and evokes a variety of moods.

Below, you will find several examples for his most filmic pieces. Sönke’s music is registered at the GEMA (German performing rights organisation) and he owns the publishing and master rights to his music. In case of duet recordings with Bjarke Falgren, Bjarke and Sönke share the publishing and master rights.

If you are interested to use this music in your film or to collaborate to create original music for your project, contact us.

Thank you for considering using Sönke’s musical creations for your project!

Sönke Meinen – The Scenic Route

Licensing for Film, TV, Video Games and Advertising

THE SCENIC ROUTE: A YouTube playlist with 12 of Sönke`s most filmic compositions.

awards (selection):

  • 2015: eco Musikförderpreis 2015

  • 2016: European Guitar Award (sponsoring prize)

  • 2016: Artesano Guitarist of the Year

  • 2016: Guitar Masters 2016 (1st prize)

  • 2019: two nominations for the Danish Music Awards (categories „Album of the Year (World)“ and „Composer of the Year“) (duo with Bjarke Falgren)

Image by Scott Gruber

„One of the most creative guitarists in the scene today”

Tommy Emmanuel cgp

„Deep musicality and enviable virtuosity to create music of stunning beauty.“

Martin Taylor

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