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New album “Cocoon” OUT NOW!

After five years of composing, practising, rehearsing, recording and producing, the duo album COCOON with Philipp Wiechert has finally seen the light of day! COCOON is a very special album for us: after 15 years of close friendship and quite different career paths following our joint concerts between 2011 and 2013, we became curious about how we would sound as a duo today. In our creative cocoon, we wrote eleven pieces that neither of us could have written on our own and that unite a whole range of influences, experiences and inspirations that we have gathered over the years on one album.

As usual, you can order the CD in the shop or buy it at the merch stand at our concerts. You will also find vinyl records there from the end of September!

Links to stream the album on all major platforms can be found here. Fun fact: We need about 7500 streams to reach the sales revenue of one CD.

In addition, you can find a bit of background information about the album and take a look behind the scenes of our video shoot in the album trailer.


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