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New Single "Droplets" OUT NOW!

I am so happy to announce the release of Bjarke Falgren's and my new single "Droplets", which is the first single of our upcoming album "The Circle", which will be out on August 23rd!

To celebrate the release of "Droplets" properly, we are sharing two versions with you: The album and studio version is to be found on all streaming platforms and features our wonderful friend Clemens Christian Poetzsch on the piano and Bjarke on the viola, but also many more string instruments, Listen to the STUDIO VERSION feat. Clemens Christian Poetzsch here:

The second version is live recorded duo version we share with you on my YouTube channel. Thank you so much to Emile Carlsen for capturing this moment when we visited his fathers string instrument museum on the Danish island Møn.

As you can imagine, "Droplets" is a piece about water. Growing up close to the sea has always been an important source of inspiration for both of us. In this piece you hear, how a droplet of water, but also how the wide ocean sounds in a piece of music. Starting with "Droplets", a new single will be out every 2-3 weeks, until we release the full album "The Circle" on August 23rd on the German music label "Neue Meister":


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