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New Single "Train Home" OUT NOW!

Bjarke Falgren's and my new single "Train Home" is out in the world! "Train Home" is the second single of our upcoming album "The Circle", which will be out on August 23rd!

As with our other singles, we are releasing two versions: The first one (being the album studio version) is OUT NOW on all streaming platforms and features our friend Mirwais Fedai on Tablas and Bjarke on many more string instruments! Listen to the STUDIO VERSION feat. Mirwais Fedai here:

The second version is live recorded duo version we share with you on my YouTube channel. Thank you so much to Emile Carlsen for making this beautiful video and to Birthe for letting us film at the beautiful Husflidsskolen, Oremandsgaard Gods, Denmark.

"Train Home" is about the feeling of coming home after a long journey and having someone waiting for you. Both the warm and comforting feeling of arrival, but also the huge excitement about meeting your friends and family are captured in this composition. After "Train Home", we are going to release three more singles, until the full album "The Circle" will be out on August 23rd on the German music label "Neue Meister":


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