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With their duo debut album “Postcard to Self“ Bjarke Falgren and Sönke Meinen re-shaped the sound of a violin and guitar duo to an original musical approach full of surprising timbres, emotional depth, intimacy and overwhelming playfulness. Their music is expressive and stirring, with an underlying calmness that anchors the listener; and every composition captures the magic of storytelling without words.

Falgren and Meinen composed and arranged the music for “„Postcard to Self” in an old schoolhouse in a small and sleepy village in the Danish countryside. Inspired by the beauty of the old house and the Scandinavian landscape their compositions mix folk influences with classical music, fingerstyle guitar, jazz and a pinch of film music. They recorded the album themselves at the same magical place where their music was written, retaining the stories and inspiration of the pieces in a very personal way.

“Postcard to Self“ gets the listener travel to different times, it is a playful soundtrack to childlike wonder as well as looking back to old memories. It delivers the same intrigue and anticipation as opening a letter or flicking through old photographs. It is a musical invitation to pause and reflect on what we would choose to tell our future self, if we write ourselves a postcard today.


1. Postcard to Self
2. La Linea

3. The Breeze and the Curtain

4. The Drifter

5. By the Old Schoolhouse
6. Christmas Waltz
7. Watch your Step
8. A Magical Place
9. Nostalgia
10. A Night in Tunisia
11. On a Cold Winter’s Night
12. Misty Morning Sunrise
13. Fata Morgana
14. Message from Home

Bjarke Falgren & Sönke Meinen | Postcard to Self (CD 2018)

  • 0.065 kg

  • 14 × 12.5 × 0.7 cm

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