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With his music, in which he combines virtuoso fingerstyle guitar with influences from jazz, world- and classical music, Sönke Meinen has already acquired an outstanding reputation in the international guitar scene. He is awardee of the Open Strings guitar competition 2008 and the European Guitar Award 2016. Additionally he was granted a renowned scholarship (“Deutschlandstipendium“) in 2014 and received the “eco-Musikförderpreis“, an art advancement award, in 2015. In 2016 he became “Artesano Guitarist of the Year”.


Next to music from different epochs and cultures, another – quite unusual – field of activity of the East-Frisian-born artist was inspirational for the album “Perpetuum Mobile”: old windmills.
“I was always fascinated by their even unhurried motion. Sometimes it seemed as if the wind transformed them into perpetuum mobiles, trying to conserve their rotations for eternity – but inevitably the multifarious and unpredictable rhythms of mother nature always broke the spell. It is clear: a perpetuum mobile remains something unattainable. It is the same with music, which itself is an expression of movement, and although breaks and pauses are essential to make it come alive, I sometimes wish that music could be a never-ending flow of notes – particularly then when it moves me.”


Sönke Meinen’s solo album “Perpetuum Mobile” is an exciting work full of different timbres and emotions, at times highly energetic, at other times restrained and gentle. None other than TOTO guitarist Steve Lukather recently said about a video of the title piece: “Amazing performance!“


1) Perpetuum Mobile
2) A Night In Tunisia
3) Dawn Song
4) Frevo
5) The Long And Winding Road
6) On The Run
7) Miles From Anywhere (with Reentko)
8) Avishai (with Reentko)
9) Bad
10) A Magical Place (with Bjarke Falgren)
11) A Backward Glance
12) Time Pressure
13) Bluegrass Jam
14) Homeland

Sönke Meinen | Perpetuum Mobile (CD 2016)

  • 0.065 kg

  • 14 × 12.5 × 0.7 cm

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