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“Spark” is a musical self-portrait, in which Sönke Meinen takes over the role of guitarist, composer as well as the producer. Each of the 14 exclusively original compositions is based on encounters, personal stories and anecdotes. 

Consequently, the album consists of strongly contrasting facets: The groovy-jazzy “Sparklemuffin” is Sönke’s soundtrack for the mating dance of a small Australian spider, the Nordic-folkloristic “Song for the Dreamers” is a dedication to the Danish-Swedish folk band “Dreamers’ Circus”. The seemingly classical “Heartland”, a homage to his new place of residence Hamburg, is contrasted by groovy-percussive guitar playing in “Brainchild” and “Fake Forgery”.

Five pieces are enriched by internationally renowned guest musicians: Reentko Dirks (baritone guitar), Bjarke Falgren (violin, viola, cello) and Antoine Boyer (gypsy swing guitar) followed Sönke’s invitation to be part of the album.

Side A:

1. Prologue
2. Sparklemuffin
3. Safe Haven
4. Alpacalypse (feat. Antoine Boyer)
5. Mirror of Water (feat. Reentko Dirks)
6. Harlequin’s Waltz
7. Song for the Dreamers (feat. Reentko Dirks & Bjarke Falgren)

Side B:
8. Brainchild
9. La Ciudad Soñada
10. Silver Lining (feat. Reentko Dirks)
11. Heartland (feat. Bjarke Falgren)
12. Fake Forgery
13. Komorebi

Sönke Meinen | Spark (LP 2022)

  • 0.289 kg

  • 31.4 × 31.2 × 0.4 cm

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