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“Sönke Meinen’s ACOUSTIC GUITAR LAB” on TrueFire

After a long time of silence I’m back with big news – and I’m immensely happy to finally announce it: As of now, I have my own digital classroom on the leading teaching platform Truefire.

In my ACOUSTIC GUITAR LAB you will find instructional videos on a wide variety of music and guitar-related topics. From detailed explanations of my own compositions, my approach to arranging and composing, music theory, playing techniques to exclusive insights behind-the-scenes – the videos cover a lot of material for beginners as well as advanced players and professionals.

71 videos are already online and I from now on I am going to upload new content for every level every month. You also find summaries, sheet music, tabs and practice plans as PDFs directly below the videos. For all future content, you can let me know in the channel forum what YOU want to learn, so I can cover the topics that you care about. You can also have an additional monthly private lesson with me via the inbuilt Truefire video messenger. The instructional videos are in English, the private lesson can of course be held in English or German.

You find more details in the following video – and then: Grab your guitar, and I see you in the ACOUSTIC GUITAR LAB!


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